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Our consultants utilize a standardized methodology and theoretical solutions, which they combine with practical knowledge gained from extensive experience, thereby ensuring that the best approach is selected for each client.

Fishing industry

Our consultants have many years’ experience of working within the Icelandic fishing industry, both in management and as consultants. Over the years they have worked with most of the industry’s largest companies, on a variety of projects, including rationalisation, mergers, change management and financial consulting.

Financial services

Our consultants are thoroughly familiar with the structure and operation of financial service firms. Projects they’ve worked on include increasing the effectiveness of organizational units, and analysing processes and integrating them with IT systems. They’re also experienced with projects involving risk management.

Trade and services

Our consultants have extensive experience of advising companies in the trade and services sector, including on developing and financing business plans and continued company growth, as well as on franchise agreements. They also have experience of managing companies involved in trade and services.

Telecommunications and transport

Advance possesses extensive knowledge of telecoms companies. Having experience of managing telecoms companies, our consultants are thoroughly familiar with their structure. They are also very knowledgeable about the industry environment in Iceland as well as internationally.

Within the transport industry, our consultants have worked on a variety of projects, including on viability studies and organizational review, as well as having managed companies within the industry.

Construction and contracting

Our consultants have experience of construction and contracting work, from planning and development to company operation. They also have extensive knowledge of infrastructure construction and contracting work, including project management.

Metalwork and shipbuilding

Our consultants have worked on a wide variety of projects within the metalwork and shipbuilding industry involving rationalization and transformation. They are well versed in production management and optimization of production processes within industrial production companies.

Energy and utilities

Our consultants have worked on transforming energy companies in order to comply with EU directives on the energy industry, as well as on feasibility studies and business plans for power generating plants.

Public sector

Our consultants have over 30 years’ experience of working on a wide variety of projects within the public sector, including on reorganization, institutional review, and many kinds of rationalization projects.

Information technology

Our consultants have operated IT companies, as well as IT systems within a complex corporate environment, such as within financial services firms and telecoms companies. They’re also experienced in managing projects involving needs analysis and implementation of IT solutions.